The wine country In proximity to La Closerie

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This beautiful country house of a respectable age wonderfully reflects the past centuries ? and you are sure to enjoy being a hôte privilégié in a private residence.

Built in the 17th century by a family that had gained noble status thanks to the fine wine they produced, this small private hotel has a long tradition of hospitality and has been part of the fabulous adventure of winegrowing for over three centuries. The estate continues to produce excellent wine today.

Visitors to are first greeted by a majestic gate opening onto a main courtyard paved during the reign of Napoleon III.

Once visitors enter the house, they are overwhelmed by the old-fashioned elegance of this well-preserved old family Home full of antique furniture and delicate family heirlooms that exemplify the French way of life. The atmosphere is exquisite, and care is taken to respect guests' anonymity and their private life.

This rare, unique place, devoted to hospitality, rest, and enjoying the estate's fine wine, has the good fortune of being located in the most beautiful countryside in the Bordeaux wine country