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Most historians agree that the oldest historic vestiges of winegrowing in Bordeaux are to be found on the slopes of Fronsac. Built by Charlemagne, Emperor of the Franks (the French) in A.D. 769, "The Citadel of the Francs" gave its name to the Fronsac region, and then to the wine of Fronsac.

Grown on an incomparable terroir, the wines of Fronsac are also known for having the most beautiful countryside in the Bordeaux wine country.

A blend of coombs, hills, and steep slopes, the Fronsac appellation rises majestically at the confluence of the Dordogne and Isle rivers, which long served as a means of shipping precious barrels of wine.

You will be charmed by the breathtakingly lovely landscape as you take winding roads and trails to discover this well-preserved, beautiful area, unlike any other. Fronsac has been shaped and protected by winegrowers, the true craftsmen of Bordeaux.

The Fronsac region, many reasons for being a special favourite .
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