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As early as the 13th century, Fronsac wine was served at the table of nobles in England and Ireland. However, its reputation peaked occurred when it was favoured at the French court in Versailles, where it was referred to as "la tisane de Richelieu" ("Richelieu's herb tea") because the famous Cardinal fell in love with it. He decided even decided to establish a feudal title in this promised land.

because of it!

It was Cardinal Richelieu's nephew, Marshal Richelieu, a sybarite who was known at court under the name of "Fronsac", who introduced this already well-known and much-appreciated wine to Versailles.

Fronsac remained famous until the late 19th cenutry, and the wine made from its picturesque slopes sold at a greater price than its illustrious neighbours: Pomerol and Saint-Emilion.

Robert Parker, like any number of experts and wine lovers, recognises the excellent qualities of the best Fronsac: rich, full-bodied, deeply coloured wines with a fine ageing potential.

This return to recognition, after an unjustified decline in reputation due to the phylloxera crisis, confirms the good taste of our ancestors and situates the wines Fronsac as among the very best of Bordeaux.
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